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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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Phonics 2.2.21

Phonics Phase 2- l

Our Reception lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.

Phonics Phase 3 - Learning to Blend- oo (moon)

Our Learning to Blend lessons give additional blending practise for children. They are not suitable for Reception children in the Autumn Term as they contain...

English- 2.2.21- Space Story: Miss Wacky's Day Out

This retelling of Space Story comes from storyteller Therese Collins. Talk to the children about how stories can change with every retelling. Space Story: Miss Wacky's Day Out could be told as a first person narrative, from Norman's point of view or even from the point of view of Pat the dog.

Playdough disco 2.2.21

Playdough finger exercises to Twinkle twinkle little star

Playdough gym and movements to help fine motor skills!

Dough Disco | Walking On The Moon

Space themed dough disco. Come join Shonette in some fine muscle exercise that will develop literacy in children. This is a fun way to develop muscle control...

Maths 2.2.21
PE 2.2.21

just dance space

Guided Meditation for Kids | Spaceship to the Moon | Relaxation for Children

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Expressive Art and Design- 2.2.21