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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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Playdough disco 12.1.21

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Extension for Reception- Cursive handwriting Powerpoint

Sequencing of Peace at Last. Draw your own large backward s and then see if you can put the pictures in the right order.

A word document of Peace at Last sequencing.

Reception-Extension- Mr Bear speech.

Pre-Reception- n

Our Reception lessons teach children to read letters and begin to blend to read words.

Reception- oo (moon)

Watch Reception Lesson 5. First released Friday 1st May. A new Reception lesson is uploaded every week day at 10am and is suitable for children who can blend...



This is a Traditional Rhyme that I covered for kids to sing and play the game with. I, DAVID HUDSPETH, ARRANGED, RECORDED AND CREATED THIS VERSION OF THE SON...

shape spaceship or flying saucer

Mr. Move It! - Let's Get Moving!

The first Mr. Move It workout has arrived! All you need is a bit of space to move around and a small bundle of energy. If you have little ones in the house n...

Star Trails: 90 Minutes Under the Night Sky

From the Aurora Borealis to deep sky photography see what delights astrophotographers in the skies of Alberta and British Columbia. -------------------------...

Bedtime Stories | Tim Peake | Goodnight Spaceman | CBeebies

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