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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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Week 4 15.3.21- Home Learning if needed


This week in school we will be reviewing the sounds we still need to learn, but if you are at home you can review your sounds by using these videos.

Phonics- continue to review your phonic learning through both of these videos. Have a go at playing any of the practical phonic games we played during lockdown such as musical sounds, pass the sound, spin the sound and so forth.

Playdough disco 15.3.21- Practise the letter h after watching and joining in

This is the way! is a nursery rhyme with a twist - use play dough with this song to increase fine motor coordination and strength in your little ones! Follow...

Letter Formation Powerpoint for Sunflowers

The Wind Blew live pictures in my book Short Story for Children STORIES AND TALES

Follow the wind as it takes the town on an unforgettable adventure. THE WIND BLEW live pictures in my book Short Story for Children STORIES AND TALESWe have ...

Communication, Language and Literacy- talking about our feelings.

Expressive Arts and Design

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Once you have watched the video of Dan the Donkey and looked at the Powerpoint, then make your own palm leaf and donkey mask.  After doing these tasks you can role play the story of Palm Sunday.
Continuous Provision

Have a go at some of the following activities:

*Make a boat and see if you can make it travel with different methods of wind power- a battery operated fan, a paper fan, a straw.

*Explore blow and bubble painting.

*Watch the video of Maddie and Greg and make your very own balloon rocket.

*Play blow football with a ping pong ball or cotton wall ball.

*Spread the letter sounds you know on a table and then blow a small ball or cotton wool ball onto one of the sounds- can you name or write some items that have this sound in them.

*Make some binoculars to watch and record the weather forecast.  Be a weather presenter and record your efforts at broadcasting the weather.

*Make your own music by filling bottles with different amounts of liquid and then blowing over the top of them.

*Make a paper helicopter (the instructions are under this list).

*Make your own mini kites with numbers on and then thread this amount of beads onto the tail or tie on that amount of ribbons.

Rockets | Mission Space Ep2 | Let's Go Live with Maddie & Greg #12

Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg! Get ready intrepid cosmonauts, this week we're preparing for MISSION SPACE! In this episode our mission begins and we joi...

Finish off the week by relaxing and watching this video- Come Outside - A Windy Day

On a very windy day, Auntie Mabel's new red blouse blows off the washing line and Pippin tracks it down. Mabel tells a story about the North Wind.©BBC Entert...