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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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Buttercup & Sunflower Class- Nursery & Reception

Welcome to Buttercups and Sunflowers!


General Information


P.E is on Tuesday and Friday afternoons - please send your child to school in their P.E kit.

Forest School is on a Friday afternoon - please remember your wellies and Forest School kits.

Little Wandle and Reading for Pleasure books are sent home each Friday, to be returned to school the following Friday (please see our Phonics page for more information on our new phonics scheme).


Class Teacher & Teaching Assistant:

Miss Fleming & Mrs Smith


Our Autumn Term 1 project is...

 'Me and My Community'

Buttercups and Sunflowers have been learning about their community and the real-life superheroes that we come across in our every day lives. We have looked at how these heroes help us in a range of situations and what tools and skills they need to complete their challenging tasks. The children have loved learning about people who help us in creative and practical ways, and it has inspired them to think about what they can do to help others and their community. We have used Google Maps to identify the different buildings where people work in our community, and we even found Freddie's Farm. Each week, we have a focus 'superhero' story which links the children's learning and activities together. Our kinaesthetic tasks encourage the children to develop a love towards their own learning and become responsible for their achievements. From developing fine motor skills and grip of mark making tools through real-life superhero painting to building relationships and listening skills during superhero team games in P.E, the children in Buttercups and Sunflowers are always happy and eager to learn.


PolicemanLollipop LadyFarm

Protect The CityMechanic


Our Autumn Term 2 project was...

'Once Upon a Time'

During this half term, we have read a variety of fairy and traditional tales. The children have enjoyed role play opportunities where they have retold their favourite stories and used props, audio clips and character masks to support their story telling. Buttercups and Sunflowers have thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities during this project and these have encouraged the children to foster a love towards their learning. From vegetable painting, porridge making, bridge building and floating and sinking experiments, the children have loved exploring the stories through creative and fun activities. In December, we visited the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre to watch the pantomime, 'Snow White'. It was magical for the children to watch one of our focussed stories happening in front of their eyes. 



Our Spring Term 1 project was...

'Starry Night'

During this half term, the children have been exploring and investigating what happens at night. With the help of our focussed stories, practical opportunities and Space Station role play area, Buttercups and Sunflowers have learnt about the night sky, space (including stars and planets), nocturnal animals and bedtime routines. Some of our creative activities have included: nest building, torch making, planet painting and rocket construction. The children have used a variety of resources to research and learn about nocturnal animals and why they sleep during the day and are awake at night.



'Reading for Pleasure'

In Buttercups and Sunflowers, we love to read! Whether that is together, as a class, with a friend or on our own, we all enjoy reading books. The children really enjoy activities that give them the opportunity to explore a variety of books and continue their learning in fun and creative ways. 





Outdoor Classroom Improvements:

'The Nature Kitchen'


This half term, Buttercups and Sunflowers have been kindly gifted a handmade nature kitchen for us to improve our outdoor learning environment. After talking with the children about what they would like to have outside, we decided that a Nature Kitchen would be a amazing addition. Miss Fleming's partner, Luke, kindly made us two incredible nature kitchens which have exceeded the children's expectations. Buttercups and Sunflowers have been using their imagination and natural items to whip up a storm! From Gruffalo pie to conker cake, the children love to work collaboratively alongside each other to bring their ideas to life. 


Nature KitchenNature Kitchen 2