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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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We love reading at Corbett!  We read throughout the day, individually, in groups and sharing books together in our daily class story time.  


We enjoy reading a wide range of texts from our class reading areas, and our library, as well as reading books that help us learn to read more challenging books.


By the time children leave this school they should be able to say with confidence that 'we read because we want to, we need to, and we know how.'


If you would like some ideas for books to read at home, or borrow from your local library, you can find ideas in the reading lists on the website below.


We base our teaching and learning on the Literacy Tree schemes of work.  Literacy Tree is a complete, book-based platform for primary schools that covers all requirements of the Primary English curriculum.  


The books chosen help children to grow ideas and expand their minds. We really enjoy sharing the significant and important children's literature the resources are based on.


It starts at the roots. Writing Rootsembed complete curriculum coverage and engage children to write with clear audience and purpose. 

Spelling Seeds complement Writing Roots and use the same texts to provide further short writing opportunities.  These provide a sequence for teaching spelling and vocabulary in context, through investigation and at the point of application.


Literary knowledge is grown through Literary Leaves.  A range of sequenced activities take children through whole books to teach reading comprehension and create critical readers. Literary Leaves use novels, poetry collections and high-quality, non-fiction books that connect to the Writing Roots through Literary Themes.


(This information is from the Literacy Tree website - more information can be found by following the link below)



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