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Corbett Voluntary Aided CofE Primary School Founded 1792

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Forget Me Not Class - Year 5 & 6

Welcome to the FMN class page.


Mrs Pardoe, Mrs Langford, Mr Madeley and Mrs Winter.


We are looking forward to a fantastic year! 


  • Remember to hear your child read aloud daily at home; this is just as important as independent reading.
  • Have PE kits on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Homework - Maths homework will be set on Thursday and is due in by the following Tuesday.

  • Spelling will be set and tested each week. Please support your children in learning these at home. 


Please see the links below to help your child's learning:

Exploring Mixtures-Sieving

Sow, Grow and Farm

In the Sow, Grow and Farm project, your child will learn about allotments in the United Kingdom and how the government encouraged people to have them to support food rationing during the Second World War. They will learn about food webs and animal life cycles, including how living things are dependent on one another within a habitat. They will investigate the different ways that plants reproduce and will dissect flowering plants to identify the different structures. They will have the opportunity to learn about farming in the United Kingdom and the techniques used in modern farming, including the challenges that farmers face. They will learn about the benefits of eating seasonally and about the pros and cons of importing food. They will also learn about world farming and how the different climate zones affect where different foods can be grown.

Our Science topic in Spring

This project teaches children about the wider properties of materials and their uses. They learn about mixtures and how they can be separated using sieving, filtration and evaporation. They study reversible and irreversible changes, and use common indicators to identify irreversible changes.

Properties and Changes Knowledge Organiser

A HUGE well done to all of FMN class for putting on such a fantastic show. They all put in so much effort and enthusiasm and we loved seeing them get into their roles and grow in confidence throughout rehearsals. They were absolute stars ⭐️ . We are all so proud of them. Thank you to all of our parents for your support with practicing their lines and songs and providing the children with great costumes. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas 🎄

On Thursday 5th October we had an exciting class visit to Compton Verney. During the morning we visited the Chinese collection in the museum gallery. We explored the objects, took part in discussion and recorded our observations through sketching. We then took part in a handling session, where we were able to took real artifacts from the Shang Dynasty. We learnt the different between identifying copper and tin artifacts, and discussed what knowledge we could gain about the Shang people from each artefact. We were then able to make our very own clay Chinese ritual vessels. We are greatly looking forward to these air drying, before we will delicately decorate them! 

Our Autumn Science topic- Forces and Mechanisms

On Tuesday morning, the year 6 children had the opportunity to visit Oldbury Wells to participate in a variety of creative, transition workshops. The children thoroughly enjoyed these space themed DT sessions and demonstrated a fantastic attitude throughout the morning. They worked together and came up with fantastic ideas to create their own set of wings thinking carefully about the shape, size, materials etc. They used a range of equipment to make their design ready for testing. They then tested their designs to see which ones would travel the furthest. Well done to the girl’s team- a fantastic design that nearly made it to the other side of the hall. Very impressive!

The children then designed and made their own t-shirts following on from the space themed start. They picked their transfers and worked with the staff to print these onto the fabric. They looked great and were worn with pride for the rest of the day.

All the staff at Oldbury Wells were very impressed with all the children that took part. They were a credit to our school. Well done year 6!